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Alice Bullis is almost ninety years old. She has lived alone since her husband died, farther back than she can remember. She has no family, no car (she doesn't drive) and virtually no income. Her one possession is her home. 46 Clay Street is remarkable in its ordinariness. A small yellow wood framed house with a modest garden, it stands as a symbol of a bygone era in a world that has changed without looking back.

Alice's House is a story of decay and perseverance. 46 Clay Street is fraying around the edges and is a sure target of developers who would tear it down. But like its owner, it struggles to retain its strength, independence, dignity and beauty.

Alice narrates her own story but the true picture is revealed through the visual details; peeling paint, loose hinges, a thousand wrinkles. Shot in 16mm color film, Alice's House is poetic portrait of a 90 year old woman struggling to maintain her independence.

15 minutes
16mm Color